July 4 - 5, 2019

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is acknowledged as one of the world´s best airports.
With 490,000 flights and 45 million passengers a year, Schiphol has the highest standards of service and is constantly improving the benefits for the traveler. From all over the world direct scheduled services fly non-stop to Schiphol. These scheduled services fly from 129 destinations within Europe and from 108 non-European destinations. In addition there are charter flights to and from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. As many as 80 airlines fly to Schiphol, conveniently located in the heart of Western Europe. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol enjoys a very special status among its users, ranking first among the world's airports in virtually every poll of frequent international travellers. 

On arrival at the airport, you can take a train to Station Amsterdam Amstel within 30 minutes. Furthermore, super-fast trains and well-made motorways will bring you to Amsterdam from all major European destinations. The Thalys high-speed train and other international express trains arrive at frequent intervals every day from destinations all over Europe. 

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Netherlands Railways (NS)

Transport in Amsterdam

The compactness of the city minimizes the need for taxis and public transport as almost everything is within walking distance. Nevertheless public transport in Amsterdam - buses, tram and metro - is most efficient, modern, reliable.
Taxi ranks are located outside hotels, business and shopping areas. Trams, buses and taxis move rapidly, even during rush hours, thanks to separate traffic lanes.  
Public Transport in Amsterdam (GVB)